During the 1990s, the AIDS virus infection cycle was slowed down by more than 55% according to a Gallop study thanks to educational and awareness programs taught in schools and low income communities across the US.

Today, gay chat lines such as Hardline and InteractiveMale are increasingly popular among gay teenagers in the US and Canada. At the Kingdom Hospital, we’ve treated more than 30 HIV+ homosexual males only in the last year. There is an increasingly alarming rate of young men reporting contracting the HIV virus from someone they met through the internet or through one of the countless free chat lines available on the internet.

Gay Man Killed by Aids

Most of these kids thing that the HIV virus is not something they should worry about

Medical examiner Liza Parks explains that most subjects reported using just minimal protection while engaging in a sexual act. “Most of these kids thing that the HIV virus is not something they should worry about”. When asked to comment, 19 year old Stuart Geller, a homosexual teenager from Houston Texas said – “people calling chatlines dont know they have the virus”. “I never meant to infect anyone” he remarked. Stuart might be facing some jail time as he is being sued by the city of Houston as well as by 17 other men with whom Stuart engaged in reckless sexual acts.

The group also tried to sue GuySpy, the gay chatline which was used by Geller to contact other gay men. GuySpy, a Telligence brand, however clearly states in their greeting they assume no responsibility for personal meetings, so the chatline was found not guilty by the County State Attorney.

We know, there are a lot of people who dream about having a house, that perfect house where they can find everything they’ve ever dreamed of, i have a friend, that worked for over 10 years, guess what he wanted to buy, a Ferrari, the dream of his life was to buy a car, but not just a car, best known as the best car in the world. This was crazy for me the first time i heard it, but it was his dream, so the time came when he fall in love, he met this beautiful girl, he wanted to married her, few months later she was pregnant, he was so happy, he couldn’t believe it , i was so happy for him, but this is where things got a little difficult, he needs a house now, not a car, so we found a guy that told him, we buy houses california, that’s when he told him, i m not selling a house, i am selling a car, this guy laugh so bad, and ask him, if he was serious about trading a house over a car ? but in the moment he told him, my car is a Ferrari, things changed. He got lucky this guy was also a fanatic of cars, they buy houses in concord in case you want to contact him, so my advice, get your priorities straight, and always invest your money in what is really important.

Trading Your House For a Car

I am single, i start working recently, i am making good money, i have no responsibilities, what to do, what should i buy first ? everybody says a house, a place of my own, a place where i can be myself, maybe i can desire a family, kids, a wife, like everybody else, but what about a car ? I love speed, i love the feeling to go anywhere i want, this is where my question comes up, could be smart buy a car first over a house ? What are the other advantages of buying a car, but if think this through, if i buy my house right now, i can get a mortgage, this way i will have the money i need, not only to buy my house, i can have the money i need to buy my car and make payments that fits perfectly with my income.

What To Buy: House or Car ?

This is something i realized, and i want to share with you guys, work hard, save money, organized your times, focus on what you want and everything is possible, you can have the house of your dreams, and not only that, you can also have the car of your dreams.

Rolex caused wound in wristThe Pain Center treats people with a wide range of conditions and on occasion, people come in with pain and even bloody wrists. This discomfort is occasionally associated with wearing watches. A woman who had been wearing a used Rolex watch that was too tight on her recently came to the Pain Center complaining of nagging pain on the back of her hand.

In her case, the solution to her problem simply involved adjusting the placement of her used ladies rolex datejust. There are also people who never adjust to the weight of certain watches and they need to go for lighter versions of the brand that they like. Anesthesiologists and other specialists at the Pain Center can help with diagnosing and managing any type of pain that you have.

Soccer BackflipEmergency Medical Technicians are exposed to all sorts of situations. At times, the injuries that they treat can only be described with the old saying, “Don’t try this at home.” Carl Peterson (patient’s name changed to protect his identity) was inspired by a back flip he saw a popular footballer doing on a soccer website. He decided to try it without checking that his rug was secure. He was ready for the World Cup but his rug wasn’t.

Carl had placed no slip strips on the rug but they had worn with time. He slipped and fell after attempting the flip, injuring his arm and hip. The emergency medical team came to his assistance and fortunately, they discovered that no bones were broken. However, he did suffer extensive bruising from the event.

Howie Bingham (patient’s name changed to protect his identity) sold his house fast in California when he got the job offer of a lifetime. As manager of a kosher food company he was always looking for an opportunity to grow. He got that when he was asked to move to a new community in order to lead one of the most respected organizations in the sector.

He was elated when his real estate agent told him that a great new house was available for an extremely low price. Unfortunately, neither Howie nor his agent knew that the house was contaminated with mold. Howie began to suffer from asthma attacks, joint pain and itchy rashes. All of these are symptoms of mold poisoning. Howard ended up selling the house through a we buy houses fast program. If you suspect that you are affected you should contact your doctor immediately.

At some point in their lives, quite a few persons experience problems with at least one of their organs. In many cases, medication, lifestyle changes or surgery can be used to treat their condition. However there are a few situations in which people need to have some form of organ transplant.

When plumber Frank Lobbet (patient’s name changed to protect his identity) found out that he needed a transplant, he was worried about how he would pay for it. He worked at a local plumbing company in Fort Lauderdale, FL but lost his job when his medical problems prevented him from doing his job.

People in Frank’s situation can get help for medical expenses through Social Security. Disability benefits may also be used to offset the loss of income from your job. People who need a lung, heart or kidney transplant will usually qualify once their application can be supported by documentation that your health care practitioner can provide. Speak to your patient representative at Kingdom Hospital of Maine for more information.



Danielle Smith (patient’s name changed to protect her identity) suffered for years with kidney problems. She was worried about going on dialysis and wondered how it would affect her job at a popular car wash dealer in New York. Now, after undergoing several treatments Danielle says that it has helped to improve her life.

Here are some facts on dialysis that you should bear in mind if this treatment has been recommended to you:

  • Most people who are experiencing some level of kidney failure find it hard to make this decision
  • Dialysis will move toxins that make you feel bad out of your body
  • Many patients feel brighter after just one treatment

Dialysis will not change your personality. If you are a positive and outgoing individual, you will still be the same way. You may take a few months to adjust to the procedure but after that time, you will feel better than before because your body will be stronger and healthier.

Many patients who are scheduled to receive anesthesia at Kingdom Hospital of Maine have questions about the procedure. For example, persons sometimes wonder if they will experience vomiting or nausea as a result of the process. The fact is that there is a slight risk of nausea after the use of these drugs.

Always remember that people who avoid drinking and smoking generally have better health than individuals who engage in these habits. The risk of vomiting after anesthesia is higher for women than for men and also increases in people who smoke. A woman who smokes has an 80% chance of experiencing nausea after receiving anesthesia.

Taking care to avoid alcohol and habits that can damage your lungs will help you to recover quickly after surgery. If you have experienced a negative reaction to anesthesia in the past, you should speak to your doctor about it. They may be able to use a local anesthetic instead.

At Kingdom Hospital of Maine, we are focused on helping your body to heal and we utilize proven strategies to help you achieve that goal. Our specialists use both conventional and complementary therapies which are backed by proven research. Alternative medicine or Integrative medicine is widely used in many hospitals across America on patients of all ages. It supports the medication which is given to individuals who are struggling with chronic illnesses.

Miami Locksmith Tessa Nichols (patient’s name changed to protect her identity) suffered from debilitating joint pain in her hands which prevented her from doing her job effectively. Supporting therapies such as herbal medicines and massage were used to strengthen her immune system and control inflammation in her joints. These less invasive therapies delivered outstanding results for Tessa and allowed her to continue doing work that she loves.